On Making The Decision To Learn Elizabethan English Backsword


You've made a great decision, and one that I am certain will make you a significantly better sword fighter.

This online subscription course is the very next best thing to training with me one to one, and with that in mind I'd like to make you a one off offer.

I'd like to offer you the chance to join a small group of people who are directly coached by me on a one to one basis,

I'll work with you on an individual basis to ensure you get the absolute best level of coaching you can in both the theory underpinning the art, and also the practical aspects of Elizabethan English Backsword.

So How Does It Work?


How Long Is It For?

This is a four week intensive course.  I'm not suggesting that four weeks is all it takes to learn the full art of Elizabethan English Backsword, but it's enough to make a significant difference to your ability and knowledge.

And once you've been coaching member you can always sign up for more.

What Does it Cost?

When I decided to do this I did a lot of research into pricing.  I didn't want to charge too much.
There was no risk of that.
It seems that people offering this sort of coaching at the level I am offering charge an astonishing amount of money.  One famous name would be selling this at over $3000.
Suffice it to say I'm not going to be charging anything like that.
I sat down and worked out how many hours this would take me to do, and then multiplied it by the amount I charge for private tuition.

The figure I came up with was...


But that still felt like too much money, especially as this is a special, one-time offer to people who have already signed up to my subscription course.  So I'm going to be charging


This isn't a public offer, in fact you won't ever see it again.  If I ever do release this to the public it certainly won't be at this price..

Don't miss this opportunity to grasp your true potential with both hands.

Terms & Conditions +

Martin Austwick, The English Martial Arts Academy, and provide the highest levels of online, professional, martial arts coaching. Our coaching allows you to study at home, and progress at the optimum level for you and your lifestyle.
We endeavour to provide you with as much information as possible regarding your coaching program, any pre-requisites for inclusion, and expected timescales.
Please note all coaching programs are designed for adult learners, learners under 18 years of age are not suited to this program.
We make every effort to ensure all information on our websites is up to date, however from time to time it may be that some information on public pages is not completely up to date.
By Law you have a cooling off period of 7 days within which you can cancel the agreement.  To do this you need to contact us by Email or by letter requesting cancellation within this 7 day period.  Refunds will be provided in full if you have not accessed any course materials.  If materials have been accessed and used then refunds will be provided pro-rata.
We will always treat you with respect, dignity, and courtesy, we expect the same in return, and reserve the right to remove any individuals from any of our programs with no notice and no refund if the expected standards of behaviour are not met.
Conference calls require questions to be submitted  24 hrs beforehand, and will last for as long as they need to cover all the subjects.  There are no minimum or maximum times.
All Skype calls are for a maximum length of 20 minutes unless specifcally otherwise stated.