Grips & Closes

The manner of certain grips and closes to be used at the single short sword fight

A detailed exploration of George Silvers system of Grips and Closes from his groundbreaking works "Paradoxes of Defence" and "Brief Instructions upon my Paradoxes of Defence"

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Faithfully based on the original source material from 1599

This stand alone course consists of a number of High  Definition videos looking at each technique listed and described by Gerge Silver in his orginal works from over 400 years ago.  It not only looks at the transcribed text in detail, but also discusses how the techniques can be applied, different versions that are also feasible, and common mistakes people make when attempting them.

On top of this high resolution scans of the original source material are presented along with accurate transcriptions to allow you to see for yourself how the video tutorials are  derived.

Low Definition Sample Video

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What's Inside?

  • Scans of Original Mansucripts
  • Accurate Transcriptions
  • Technical Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Proven Teaching Materials
  • Notes on Varying Interpretations

"Whether you are a complete newcomer to HEMA, or an experienced swordsman this course will definitely help you become a better, more rounded fighter"

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