Well done on purchasing this course on grappling at the sword from, I have no doubt it will make you a better swordsman.


One of the unusual things about HEMA is that we are very happy to learn fighting techniques and systems from obscure books and manuscripts, so learning from videos as well is a big step up.

That being said it is still pretty dificult to make sure you are getting it right and practicing the moves correctly when you don't have an instructor present watching you constantly.

That is why I want to make you an offer.

I can't be in your training hall correcting you, much as I'd love to come and train with you, but I can critique a video of you performing the technique.  And so that's what I am offering.

I will sit down and work through six videos (one for each of Silver's grips) and give you a detailed critique of what you are doing and how you could possibly improve it.

It isn't perfect, but it is a lot better than just hoping you're getting it right.

I'll give you detailed written feedback of each technique, and if necessary I'll even record my own videos to show you what I mean when a point isn't clear.

Obviously I have to charge for this, but I'm not going to rip you off, or fill the page with random numbers I thought I could charge.  It's pretty simple.

$20 a video, so for 6 videos that's $120

If that sounds interesting to you click the button below to sign up, if not just click through this offer and you'll never see it again.  Either way I hope you enjoy the course and find it useful.

Take care